Solo Dos by Sebastian & Joana

Our new project is almost being released!! for the meanwhile we give you a small taste of whats coming with this short teaser 😉 The release will happen on our website on the 28th of April. Are you ready???

The 40’s as a consequence

The decades of 40 and 50 are known as the Golden Age of Tango. A time where through the radio and on the neighborhoods the tango multiplied and became present in the daily life of the city. Beyond the popularization of the music it was also a time of dissemination and creation of some of the most well-known and important themes in the history of tango. In order to better understand how tango was present in the lives of people of Buenos Aires, we also must understand the previous decades (especially the 1930s) and the socio-political context of the year 43.

1st TOUR 2017

Did you know our Tour has already started? Find us during this first semester in Michigan, US – Villarica, Chile – Seoul, South Korea – Connecticut, US – Hong Kong – Tokyo, Japan – Shanghai, China – Paris, France – Fortaleza, Brazil and much more