stayToday we start our new MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM. As many of you know we have been following many of our students through IMMERSION COURSES where we meet once or twice a year for a special week of individual work. We are happy with the advance and success of the project and we want to take it even further.

We want to add a new tool to keep working, learning and interacting closer during the entire year. Our focus is to create a new system to accompany our students in addition to the group and private lessons taken during events and/or IMMERSION COURSES,  allowing the students to be accompanied throughout the year, having constant feedback from us, instead of having to wait several months to see us again and have answers to you questions.

This project is something we have been developing for a long time and is much more than just a sum of lessons, but instead, it is step by step program to improve your movement and body awareness. All lessons are 50% individual Technique, 50% couple work, so it is is a program suitable for all people, because even if you don’t have a partner you can still work on the lesson and apply what you learned after on the dance floor, since the will always work on movements that generate many different steps.

We created 3 types of MEMBERSHIPS designed for different types of students. SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM MEMBERSHIPS can be acquired MONTHLY or ANNUALLY. Find out more about our MEMBERSHIPS HERE:

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