From Buenos Aires, With Love.

Most people think that Buenos Aires is all about Tango, but for us Tango is all about Buenos Aires. Understanding the city helps us to understand the dance and the music. If you what to learn more about the city and take this information to your dance, this series of post might be a good start

Seminars in Buenos Aires

To enter the year with the right foot, how about to participate in intensive tango seminar in Buenos Aires?  The spots are limited so don’t miss this opportunity. The topics are all essential to our dance, constructed in a intuitive and clear way ! All lessons will take place at: Studio Ensueños HIPOLITO YRIGOYEN 2341, 1089Continue reading “Seminars in Buenos Aires”

Seminars Oporto

Na ausência do Jorge na próxima semana, eu e o Sebastian vamos dar uns seminários no Porto nos dias 14 e 18 de Setembro!!! São aulas abertas a todos os níveis!! Estamos ansiosos para matar a saudades dos nossos amigos portuenses 😀😉😊 Mais informações e inscrição em: