Argentine Tango

To enter the year with the right foot, how about to participate in intensive tango seminar in Buenos Aires?  The spots are limited so don’t miss this opportunity. The topics are all essential to our dance, constructed in a intuitive and clear way !

All lessons will take place at:

Studio Ensueños
HIPOLITO YRIGOYEN 2341, 1089 Buenos Aires, Argentina

To book your spot:
Whatsapp: ++54 91169315864



It was AMAZING!!!! Our first in Buenos aires had great dancers and high energy! Are you going to miss the second and last seminar here Argentina? Next one will be on the 25th of August and will take place at Ensueño – Espacio de Tango (Hipolito Yregoyen 2341). looking forward to see you!!

To book your spot please contact Susana Suarez  by email at or by Wsap 1169315864


And don’t forget we are available for private lessons as well! If you are interested, just send us a message here under “contact”.


It is almost time to get on the plane to the lovely Buenos Aires!!  This time we will give two very special seminars on the 18th and 25th of August at Estudio Ensueño (HIPOLITO YRIGOYEN 2341, Buenos Aires 1089).  If you are interested please register by Wsap 1169315864 or email


We will also be available for privates! if you are interested, just send us a message right here under “contact”.