From Buenos Aires, With Love.

Most people think that Buenos Aires is all about Tango, but for us Tango is all about Buenos Aires. Understanding the city helps us to understand the dance and the music. If you what to learn more about the city and take this information to your dance, this series of post might be a good start. In the next issues we will bring specialist from different fields to tell you a little more about the city, the cultural aspects and the Tango.buenos-airesOur first step in this direction is by creating a direct contact with Sebastian. By opening a channel where people from all over the world can ask him questions and get their answers live through our Facebook fan page. With this channel we hope to create a space where people can fell confortable and find a place of trust, by sharing their doubts and ideas.

While we wait to get the questions you have for Sebastian (until 25th of March) we are preparing a couple of other topics that will take you into the heart of Buenos Aires, to the “porteño” habits and and daily life of tangueros.

Remember we will be waiting for yo questions until 25th of March. To read more about the Get You Answer by Sebastian Jimenez, to find out how you send your questions or when to see the question,  please follow this link.

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Argentine Tango

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